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Johnny Bristol

Leading Hand

“When I had my first interview for Russell Roads, the interviewer told me ‘if you’re a hard-worker who shows up consistently and has a positive attitude – you will go far in this company’.

I have worked here for just over a year now and Russell Roads has proven that they stick by their word. I have been put through multiple courses and have been consistently developed by the people around me and the leaders in the company.

All I had to do in return is be open to learning, have a good attitude, work hard and show up to mahi. I can’t see myself leaving this place and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years of my career looks like at Russell Roads”.

Josh Paku

Senior Contracts Manager

“I have come to this business from a large corporate industry competitor and the main difference I see is the true heart that the owners of this business have for the people who work in it.

Working in a locally owned and operated company means that the people who run this business are whole-heartedly invested in improving the lives of the people who work for them as they know them personally. “Whānau” is a word that is often used by businesses, but quite often isn’t demonstrated.

I’m proud to say that this company ‘get’s it’ and shows that they care about our work Whānau through their commitment to improving the lives of their people.”

Rob Andersen

Pavement Foreman

“I have spent 23 years of my life working for this company. I feel valued and I can’t imagine working anywhere else, to be honest.

We are a team and we have built our culture off of respect, trust and building quality projects. I’m proud to say I work here and I am even more proud of the way the company has grown and developed over that last five years.

We compete with ‘large corporate’ companies due to having some of the best operators in the North Island and years of experience”


Years of experience delivering hundereds of quality projects on time and budget.

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