Six years in the making, our asphalt plant on Omahu Road in Hastings is now producing industry standard asphalt that is fully certified and ready to be laid.

We have been building, improving, commissioning and finalising this plant so that we are sure of the quality and can stand by the product we produce. In 2020 we completed multiple lay-down trials and requested honest and detailed feedback from our trial customers to nail down and tweak the plant and the mix to get it to an excellent standard.

With quality and sustainability being important values at Russell Asphalt, the entire plant has been built specifically to lower the impact that it has on the environment. It is one of the lowest-emission plants in New Zealand due to the design of the plant and the facility that has been established around the asphalt shoot. We are also moving towards recycling existing asphalt surfaces for further use within our business.


Our plant has the capability to produce a full spectrum of mix designs. The common mixes that we produce that have received full certification from Road Science are:

  • AC10
  • AC10 Polymer
  • AC14
  • AC14 Polymer
  • DG7

We also offer Coldmix which is not a certified product.

Testing and Compliance

Our plant is operated to ISO 9001 Quality Certification and the Asphalt Plant Accreditation Scheme (APAS) standards.

Road Science is the independent IANZ Laboratory that tests and certifies all of our mixes. Our in-house quality assurance means that Road Science are sent samples frequently to ensure that our mixes meet the quality and performance specifications.

We partner with Road Science due to their outstanding reputation in the industry to match the outstanding quality of mix that we produce.


All customers must have an account set up and meet our Health and Safety induction requirements to purchase asphalt from our plant. For enquiries or purchasing please contact our Asphalt Plant Production Manager – Rowan Betts

Contact Details:

Russell Asphalt Plant
1438 Omahu Road, Twyford,
Hastings 4179

Rowan Betts
Production Manager

Mon – Fri: 7.30am – 4.30pm
027 645 2891



Quotes for laying asphalt should be requested through our Head Office (06 879 4560 / info@russellroads.co.nz)

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